Labor and Employment

Gardere attorneys provide counseling and litigation expertise on a national basis in all phases of labor and employment law. The Firm represents clients in wage and hour claims including state and federal wage and hour class actions and collective actions, as well as individual and class action employment discrimination. Representation also includes Sarbanes-Oxley claims, Railway Labor Act issues, immigration, affirmative action plans, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) compliance and claims, government contractor employment, wrongful discharge claims, and sexual harassment, retaliation and whistle-blower claims. Attorneys advise clients on the labor/employment implications of corporate reductions in force, reorganizations, acquisitions and relocations, as well as employment forms, contracts, executive compensation severance agreements, non-competes, and employment policies and procedures.

Employment Litigation

Gardere attorneys handle all aspects of litigation in both state and federal courts at all levels nationwide. These matters include individual and class action matters under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, state fair employment statutes and claims of wrongful discharge.

Class Action Defense and Complex Litigation

Gardere’s Class Action Specialty Practice Group is experienced in all aspects of class action litigation and counseling for clients nationwide. Representation includes cases involving all varieties of employment discrimination, as well as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, director and officer, and fiduciary investigations and disputes. Firm attorneys have represented clients in class actions filed in 22 states, from New York to California, and are experienced in all areas of class action law.


As an alternative to the costs and effort associated with the traditional paycheck, many American employers are discovering the value of paycards, which allow them to pay all employees — even those without bank accounts — electronically. Gardere’s Labor and Employment Practice has expertise in all 50 states and U.S. territories, and regularly assist clients in implementing “paperless pay” and electronic paystub systems through a renewed emphasis on direct deposit and the introduction of paycards when direct deposit is not selected by employees.

Union Avoidance, Union Negotiations and Contract Disputes

Gardere attorneys are up to date on the latest developments on the proposed Employee Free Choice Act and regularly provide union avoidance training to avoid any type of organizational activity. Additionally, Gardere attorneys have successfully conducted negotiations with the Teamsters, UAW, URW, LGWU, Carpenters, Stage Hands, Decorators, Glaziers, Patternmakers, IBEW, IUE, IE, CWA, SEIU, OPEIU, UFCW, and other internationally affiliated and independent unions. Firm lawyers have developed comprehensive labor relations programs, including multimedia presentations, for use with supervisors and employees and in response to union organizational campaigns. When labor trouble strikes in the form of picketing or work stoppages, Gardere attorneys can assist companies with contingency plans, restraining orders, damage litigation and dispute resolution.

Immigration and Naturalization

Gardere assists corporations, investors and startup companies with obtaining the proper work permits and visas for hiring, transferring and training employees in the United States temporarily and permanently. Attorneys coordinate with foreign immigration specialists to obtain the proper work permits and visas for transferring U.S. employees abroad and counsel corporate clients on I-9 issues, hiring and termination decisions with regard to foreign nationals, and employer sanctions and anti-discrimination issues. In addition, Gardere assists clients with family-based immigration, green card and naturalization applications.